Roudra’s aims at supporting its clients to best achieve their goals by bridging the gap between the requirements of optimum costs and high service, and lean inventory management and steady availability of components.

Spare parts management involves high number of critical SKUs, multi-vendor sourcing and demands domain expertise. Roudra’s spare parts management system is geared to manage availability of parts, short delivery times and guarantees process reliability.

Roudra is also offers warranty management, field failures management, strategic storage, and supply on B2B or B2C model, last mile delivery to point of service, defective returns and scrapping, as a part of spare parts logistics.  

Spare parts logistic services offered by Roudra: 

  • Spare-parts supply, repair and exchange service
  • Spare parts framework contracts
  • Reverse logistics
  • Exchange logistics
  • WMS to enable tracking of products in the warehouse
  • Transportation management